We received so many interesting things to the project, that nothing was left for us to say. Once again the fans have shown support, willing - though words, edits and videos - to honor Kristen in this important date. And the gesture of love and admiration of KSBR in this birthday is to gather all the best wishes devoted to Kristen and try sending not only to her but worldwide, so everyone will be able to see how important this actress is to us. Kristen, KSBR wishes that your road continue being iluminated toward success. We would like to thanks because, in these 3 years of website, we never regretted for so much lifetime devoted to a so unique person like you. We wish you only the best, because you deserve every single little thing you want. Congrats for being this woman with so strong and admirable personality, whose job is worth of respect. All KSBR staff wish you a Happy Birthday!

Bday Wishes

Hello, First of all, happy birthday and many more to come. I wish you success, fame, a lot of awards and movies, love, strength and patience with all those people who aren’t nice to you. Kisses from you fan, Bruna.
Bruna Coracini – Marilia, SP, Brasil

You’re 23 now. It’s really insane if I stop to think that I’ve known you since you were 18, a teenager and now you’re a woman. Today is a special day not only for you but for me since your happiness is mine too. I’m kinda sad that I can’t spend this day celebrating with you but I suddenly get happy to think that you are happy around your family and friends. When I say that I want to grow up and be like you, people say that I’m crazy cause you’re just an actress. But they don’t know what I know. I know that you are a strong woman, that you faced a lot of things in this 23 years of life. You faced it with a beautiful smile on your face. When I see your smile, it kinda gives me strength to go on, when I’m thinking about giving up, it’s you that gives me strength. You’re inspiration, you helped me to find myself. I’m proud to say it, I’m proud to be your fan. I really wish you happiness, princess, cause you deserve it. I wish you health, love, success in everything that you do and many more years of live to come. I love you, happy birthday.
Mariana Santos, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

One more year and of course I wouldn’t miss the chance to write you this message. It would be very nice to know that you’ve read this! Who knows? I’m going to wish you the same things as always… many years of life, happiness and the best of all, success! I want you to have a very eventful year, with a lot of work. You killed it last year and you proved that you can be more than just Bella Swan. Of course I love Bella but you proved what you are capable to do, and yo did this without thinking about the glamour or the booking office. What makes me happy about being your fan is that you are so simple and you really care about us. I felt so proud in every movie you made. I’m here to congratulate you not only for your birthday but for the person that you are and that you’ll ever be. I want to see you in more movies this year, and in the next year and in the next… Kisses from your fan, Dayane.
Dayane Gomes- Cuiabá, Brasil

Hi Kristen, I love you so much and I want to wish you all of the best things in the whole world. I can't see you, I can't hug you, I can't kiss you but I can say that you are so important and special for me. I'm your fan since 2009 and each day I love you more. Be yourself always and screw everyone. I love you forever and ever. Happy birthday and I hope you continue to be this amazing woman that I'm proud to be fan.
Maria Luísa Matos – Recife, Brasil

Kristen, I wish you all the best in this amazing day, you deserve everything and much more. Beautiful, I would like to be by your side today and hug you. I want you to know that there are many people by your side and we love you just the way you are. Never change your personality because of the media. Everything you got until today is well deserved. You are a great actress. Celebrate this day as much as you can. Kisses from you super fan, Marcela.
Marcela Sargo – Guarujá, Brasil

How can I say a big happy birthday to you? Kristen, you were a great person that appeared in my life and I’ll love you for all the eternity. My inspiration that was born April 9th. Was In this date that a wonderful person was born, my idol. I’m proud to say that I’m your fan. Thank you for existing, I hope you really enjoy your day and that you never lose who you are. I love you, Kristen.
Larissa Silva – Sorocaba, São Paulo, Brasil

Hello Kristen, I want to wish you in this special day that you never lose who you are, cause we love you this way. Never stop smiling.
Regiane Alves - Campo Grande, Brasil

It’s hard to say where this love came from, you won me in a way nobody ever has. Your simple way attracted me since the first time I looked at you. I love the effect that you have on me, you know. I love how nervous you get when you win an award and you have to thank everybody, I get so proud. I love when a new picture of you comes out and my heart races. I love when I watch a video and suddenly I have a smile on my face from the beginning to the end. I love how nervous you get when you have to talk about yourself and then you bite your lips and say “I mean” all the time. How your eyes shine when you talk about your movies, how you get proud of yourself. The reason why I love you is that you are exactly the way you are and I wouldn’t change a thing. I’d like to thank John and Jules for raising this amazing girl so perfectly. Kristen, thank you for being my inspiration, my role moldel, for teaching me so many things. I love you and happy birthday.
Jéssica Alves - São Paulo, Brasil

It’s hard to believe that today, my princess is getting 23. She’s not a little girl who used to wear her brothers’ clothes but a woman with strong personality and a big heart. And each day, with you new projects, your humility, my pride for you gets bigger. I’m so proud to say that I’m your fan and that I’ve learned a lot with you, and that you are my inspiration, my safe haven. Of course I’m sad for not being able to give you a hug today, but it doesn’t matter. What matters to me is the love that I feel for you, that it’s so true. What matters is watching the same movies over and over again just because you are in it. Voting for you just to see you win once again. What matters is that I’m still here even when people say that I’ll never be able to see you, because I love you. I wish you love, peace, health, happiness, achievements, success, unity, perseverance, affection, smiles… Despite it is common thing, I couldn’t help but tell. It’s what I ask to God to give to you, I really hope He illuminates your ways, I hope everything gets right in your life. Happy birthday, Kristen. I love you.
Janaina da Silva - Busque, Brasil

Kristen, I wish I was with you today for at least 4 seconds, hold you and wish you the best birthday in the whole world cause you deserve it and so much more. Thank you for being who you are, without caring about what others think and being this amazing girl that enchants everywhere she goes. We love you for that cause after all, you were always you. I love you, angel, thank you for existing. I’d like you to know that your smile is my fortress for everyday, it makes me strong. I love you, Kristen, happy birthday.
Fernanda Moreira – Recife, Pernambuco, Brasil

I spent days trying to find the correct words to describe what Kristen Stewart is for me and concluded that she’s everything. Think about all the amazing things that we have in the world and then you have her. Kristen is shy, she fumbles to find the right word in an interview. She’s clumsy and funny at the same time, I mean, who drops the gold popcorn in the middle of the MTV Movie Awards? Oh, without forget the time that she went to the Oscars wearing crutches. She always shined. Since she was little when she made Panic Room, I had always seen that that girl was about to grow up and become a great woman. Kristen has made me cry, laugh and today she’s making me celebrate this day like it’s mine, she’s making me turn 23 too. Happy birthday, my girl, and that each year you continue to be everything in my life. Not only mine but the life of millions of fans that you do have. We love you, truly.
Thais Andrade Britto – Apiaí, São Paulo, Brasil

Kristen, today is my birthday too. I get happy to know that I share this special day with you. I love your work and I really admire you. Unfortunately there are no words that can describe my love for you cause that would be impossible. Love is something strong that connect people and it connected me to you. I’m really happy that we can celebrate this day together even if we are apart. Happy birthday, Kristen.
Monise Lavezo - São Paulo, Brasil

Kristen, you’re completing one more year of life, one more year receiving my love and support. I have done so many things for you that even if they are small, they were for you like spend days voting, putting tags on the trending topics of twitter and others. Even if you are miles and miles apart, I know that somehow you’ll receive my love, affection, happiness and all the good stuff. I’ll love you until my heart stops beating. Or even after. Happy birthday, little girl, I love you more than I can describe.
Karina Silva - Jordanésia – Cajamar, SP

Happy Birthday Kristen! Today you'll do 23 years old! 23 years being the best actress that our generation has ever met, 23 years being the best Chef and making any kitchen feel alone without you and your delicious recipes(like your amazing Lasagna), 23 years of the wonderful Kristen Jaymes Stewart, an intelligent woman, talented, sexy, beautiful, incredible, and that's certainly very much loved by all your family members and friends. I hope that all your wishes come true and I wish I could hug you right now and say how much amazing you are, how much I love you and also to say that I can't wait to see you working in "Focus" and "The Big Shoe" and most of all, I hope that you've a lot more privacity in your life from now on, because I know how much you appreciate this and also know that you deserve these moments of peace with the people you love. Thank you for being such a inspiring person and never forget that I'll always be here to support you. Once again: happy birthday, I love you.
Fernanda de Mello - São Paulo, Brasil

On your birthday, I’d like you to remember all the special moments in your life. The happy moments. I wish you more of those. I hope this day repeats over and over again in each year that passes. I hope God illuminates you and makes you choose the best ways. Thank you for just existing, I relly hope you continue to be this wonderful and humble person that you are cause it’s this way that you inspire millions of people around the world, including me. Kristen, I love you. Thank you for everything and once again, happy birthday.
Juliana Ribeiro - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

There is no greater joy than to follow the growth of who you really love closely and I’ve been following yours for a long time. You entered in my life in a random form and since then you didn’t left anymore. Today, I can say that I’ve smiled, cried, screamed, suffered, celebrated, learned and strengthened from you. The woman that you are today is the woman that I want to be tomorrow. People can say whatever they want but I’m proud to say that you’re not only my idol but my inspiration. So, today I wish to you not only peace, love and health, but that you receive doubly everything that you have done to us and you don’t even know. I really hope that happiness knock on your door and stay in your life. You’re amazing, inside and out. Thank you for entering in my life and for allows me to be part of yours even in my mind. I love you and my biggest gif is to be your fan. Happy birthday, love.
Michelle Clemente, Santos, SP, Brasil.



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